Are you interested in seeing your work published on our page?

Submissions for Semester 2 are being accepted until February 3rd. Your School President will be sending a form out shortly taking submissions and publishing the top three submissions. We hope to increase the number of submissions from each school in the next academic year based on engagement levels and the workload of School Presidents. Criteria can be viewed below.

Please note that submissions are graded blindly by School Presidents and approved by the Arts & Divinity Faculty President.

Questions? Email [email protected] and receive a response shortly!


If you wish to submit a piece to the Journal, please ensure that it fits all of the below criteria.

  • Written during your Undergraduate studies at the University of St Andrews
  • Written for a piece of coursework/final exam
  • Received at First as a mark for the piece (pending publication, verification may be requested)
  • Word length 1,500-3,500 (excluding work cited/reference list; including footnotes)
  • Submitted the Submission Form by the deadline
  • Only submit one piece per submission deadline
  • Remove Student ID numbers and names from papers

If you have questions about if your piece fits the criteria please email [email protected] If a distinction mark was not received, a piece may be submitted with the recommendation of a tutor/professor.

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